May 09, 2007

Tulip Time ~ 2007

Growing up with my grand parents in Holland, MI was a treat every May. In the last seven years I have only been down there once for the parade. This year we will miss the parade, but I was able to be there Saturday morning at 10am when the Klompen dancers took stage with their style show and dance in Centennial Park. There were so many things going on at one time. The Art and Craft Fair was right there in the park, the car show at the Civic Center, Trolley Tours, and the carnival. Here's the link for their schedule...TULIP TIME ~ 2007.

While down there with my friend Steve, we wandered through parts of the Arts and Craft Fair and I met a gal that sells her handmade jewelry made of Bali, Swarovski, Catseye, and many more. The thing that pulled me into her booth was the custom made name bracelets. I'm always looking for ideas for my daughter Nyla. A couple of booths down there was a gal by the name of Bridget Burke that had these gorgeous handbags. You can reach her at She can also be found at in the Partners area under Information. Steve and I thought we were done for the afternoon until we wandered through Teerman's and found that there was a car show down at the Civic Center. Thanks Terry! Off we went. There was alot to see when we got down there. Old cars, new cars, modified cars, and street bikes. Made me wonder if a few of them were only for show and not to truly play with.

If you get a chance head to Holland for any of the festivities. There is something going on constantly up till the 7 o'clock hour Saturday, May 12th. Parade starts at 2pm. Tulip Time ~ 2007

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