August 29, 2008

{08.29.2008} Out of Office

The holiday weekend is here and so is the end of August! This month feels like the never ending just keeps going and going and going and going! *giggles* So far I have experienced five fabulous August weddings. This weekend will make seven! Sunday evening at 10pm I belong to my family. No phone, no cell phone, no internet, no computer...they MIGHT let me have my camera...that's still up for discussion. Not certain how I will survive (it's kinda like air...I need them!), but I will be back to voice mail, emails, and blogging Tuesday!

There is also some amazing changes taking place with LVL Photography. Just a hint...for those of you needing studio work (yelling out to my holiday babies!), my calendar is open (CALL ME!), you're gonna love it!

Here's to an amazing weekend!
Be safe, have fun, and stay tuned next week for updates!

August 26, 2008

{08.23.2008} Sweetness of Miss Kendall

Saturday morning was spent with Kendall and her parents at their home. If you are one to keep up with my blog you would have read about pre-Kendall, pictures HERE, and then the day she was born HERE. Is she not her mommas girl?

Look at those rolls! I so love chubby babies! And can you believe she was not happy unless she was sitting up? At THREE months! Silly girl. I can't wait to watch her move at six months!

We had to get a few pictures of Tessie with her new baby too. You would think they snuggled like this all the time. (Still loving those rolls!)

Miss K, I can't wait to see you again at six months...but you can come by and play any time!

August 20, 2008

{08.18.2008} Happy Birthday Nathan!

Three is fun!...or should I say...Free is fun!

This little man has my heart. Look at those eyes!

Every time I have the opportunity to spend time with Nathan there is always a capture of him covering his eyes to hide from me. Yep, dude, I know you're done.

Oh yeah, I need to mention...

Yep, and Nathan will make a wonderful big brother!

And I'm certain some day his little brother or sister will look at me with this same questioning expression. *giggle* I know, it was just too early on a Monday morning.

Surprises make me crazy. Will this little person be a sister or a brother? I can't wait to find out!

August 19, 2008

{08.16.2008} Congratulations Josh and Kelly!

Saturday was spent at a private residence right on Lake Cadillac. It was a perfect day, spent at the perfect location, with the perfect couple. Josh had contacted me last summer about their wedding...I was, to say the least, impressed. The goal for the day was to keep it as simple and relaxed as possible bringing in their favorite things to share with their family and friends. Kelly's boss and his family hosted the event. There are no words to describe this house. Unbelievable maybe? Everything revolved around comfort from how the whole day played out to the food and entertainment.

Enough rambling...on to the preview!

This is so Josh.

Kelly just before their first meeting. LOOK at those eyes!

The fabulous wedding party.

The ceremony.

Passionate first kiss.

An amazing exit and entrance. That time alone is a must!

And the party that lasted well into the night...

A huge thank you to Josh and Kelly for making us a part of your day! And to everyone that helped to make it happen! Have a wonderful time in Mexico you two!

~the stealth photographers *giggles*

August 18, 2008

{08.15.2008} Congratulations Lance & Jamie!

Ahhh...Friday. With as crazy as this past weekend could have been, I managed to spend it with possibly the two most relaxed weddings scheduled this entire season. Less than two weeks ago I spent a Sunday morning with Lance and Jamie for their last minute engagement pictures. Normally months go by, so it was great seeing them twice in less than two weeks!

Lance and Jamie are the type of couple you feel like you've known your whole life after spending just minutes with them.

The Round Barn Winery in Baroda, MI is stunning. The ceremony site is beautifly simple with greenery everywhere. The reception area, for smaller parties, is rustic, simple, and amazing.

Quite possibly my favorite moment of the day. I love the first kiss...but check out the backdrop I was handed to go along with this capture!

The coordinator at RBW was shocked we headed towards the winery graveyard for party pictures. I LOVE it!

Jamie's ring was to die for. Seriously breath-taking.
And to show, yes...this image is straight out of the camera. It's a bummer the Round Barn Winery is no longer entertaining receptions for 2009.

Jamie and Lance, Thank you. Friday was, in one word, wonderful. Can't wait to hear about your exploration of Maine!

August 13, 2008

{08.10.2008} Brian & Shaya

Sunday morning I met up with Brian and Shaya at their home on Totzke Farms in Stevensville bright and early on my way home from the double wedding weekend. There are so many new areas I have had the opportunity to venture into lately...and I LOVE it!

It was great seeing these two. Brian and I graduated high school together, and have not seen each other since. And I met Shaya years ago through my little brother. Shaya will soon be the farmers wife. hehe


Only three more months!!!

August 12, 2008

{08.09.2008} Congratulations James & Chelsea!

Exactly one year ago to the weekend I met with James and Chelsea to talk about their wedding on a Sunday evening. What I didn't realize at the time was how much time I would be spending with them over the next year. *giggles* In September we did their first set of epics the morning the Tri-State Sailing Regatta left the St. Joseph harbor. Then in November they decided that a road trip up to Cedar Springs to see me was a must. w00t! In April I sat down with them for coffee downtown St. Joseph to talk about all of their planning...everything was coming together! I could not wait for August! The end of June I received an invite to their wedding. As many weddings as I have done, I have never once received an invite. How sweet!

(to my future mailing this photographer an invite it becomes your very first wedding capture! and I LOVE it!)

The ceremony was at the First Church of God in St. Joseph with the reception at Santaniello's in Stevensville.

an emotional ceremony.

the exit.

an almost kiss.

an amazing wedding party.

a little wind.

You'll never guess where I was standing!

Incredible eyes.

One of my favorite guaranteed last moments is the kiss after cake.

Chelsea and James, I hope you have an exciting time on your mini-honeymoon! It was an absolute pleasures spending the day with you!