December 31, 2007

12.31.2007: Never too late!

My last post for 2007 are the flowers my girlfriend sent me one week ago for my birthday. After talking to her this afternoon I realized that I never took the pictures off my camera! YIKES! So here they are! The most non-Christmas flowers delivered on December 24!
Give me another week and another post might need to be made with them hanging upside down outside dripping with icicles for my Alabama sweets. Thank you Claire!

Today we are not only celebrating the arrival of 2008, but my boy turning the old age of 5!

Happy birthday Tyler! I love you!

December 28, 2007

e-pics: Dan & Kendra

This morning I headed towards Big Rapids for engagement pictures with Dan and Kendra. It was definitely the calm before the storm. Starting at Kendra's home, which is also where they will be saying their vows in July, and finishing at a park in town. The weather could not have been more's a great thing we finished when we did!

I'm looking forward to seeing the change in season and the opportunity to use your favorite garage as a backdrop! (you know I will!)

December 25, 2007

e-pics: Kim & David

All the way in from Denver for the holidays I had the privilege of meeting up with Kim and David on Monday! The day was incredible for capturing what Michigan should always look like in December. The fresh snow made for some great pictures!

Looking forward to your summer wedding!

December 24, 2007

12.23.2007: Contrast

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family Sunday evening. The drive home from Zeeland was...uneventful thank goodness. As everyone played a round of pool I enjoyed watching the game...causing challenges to the competition.

The best part of the night was watching my nieces face light up when she opened her new bike. Still in the box it made the best toy of the evening because the girls were able to ride tandem.

December 18, 2007


After finding out the Nyla's story made it into the Michigan Community Blood Centers winter newsletter I was determined to put on a few pounds and meet the goal that I had set out to accomplish almost three years ago. Today needed to be the day because MCBC is a at church in Cedar Springs every third Tuesday of the month and I wasn't about to go into 2008 with this on my conscience. I LOVE my new shirt!

Their advice was to take it easy...yep, I am definitely doing that.

To read Nyla's story click HERE and then click on the image to enlarge.

12.17.2007: Rockford

Monday evening in Rockford was COLD. Meet-up location, The Corner Bar. We then hit the streets of Rockford with everyone who passed curious of what photographers were doing in their quiet little town.
How could I pass up the opportunity of neon lights?
A lonely street light. Star filter.Jade...I have dreams of a blowing a lot of cash in this trendy little boutique.Next time I'll be wearing all of my ski gear and ranger boots...

December 15, 2007

Holiday: Kai...the SWEETEST little man!

Meet Kai. This evening I had the opportunity to spend time with him and his mom. Normally I do not suggest doing infant pictures at 7pm, but WOW...this little guy proved me wrong. He was all about playing and showing off.

Have a wonderful first Christmas little man!

Holiday: At the Gardens!

Today my boy and I met up with the Grand Rapids Flickr group to play at Frederick Meijer Gardens. It's been awhile since I've gotten out to shoot for me. The trees were incredible, but the best part was seeing everything through Tyler's eyes. He was so excited to not only be shooting with other photographers, but to experience all the excitement that the gardens can bring during the holidays. Tyler was equipped with a sweet little oly point-n-shoot.
Happy birthday Yolanda!!!

December 13, 2007

Holiday: Pitsch Kids!

I had the opportunity earlier this week to meet the Pitsch kids! Ages 5, 3, and 1...FUN FUN FUN!

The picture above was the very last picture from their session, and probably my very favorite! All three of these kids had amazing eyes. After catching their lights I knew they were going to be trouble. And for a late evening session, they did great!

December 12, 2007

2008: To-do's

1. Website
  • Revamp with slides
  • Change/add color
  • Update portfolio...because it NEEDS to be done!
  • Add music
2. Blog
3. Studio

You will notice changes to my blog over the next few weeks. I'm searching for colors for both my site and for the blog that "fit." Over the last year I've been living in a black and white word. With as much as I LOVE black and white photography I need to add a little color to my life...with a goal of exciting my audience.

If you have a creative spark or colors that you warm up to please let me hear them!

December 08, 2007

Michigan Community Blood Centers

The winter issue of MCBC News was just published this past week. To my surprise Nyla's story made the front page!

Here is the link to the Michigan Community Blood Centers. The holiday season is when we all feel that constant time crunch. Able to find that 25th hour? Please take a look at the donation centers link to find one near you. If for no other reason to give...know you'll be rewarded with cookies!

What am I thankful for this holiday season? Family, friends, and smiling faces.

Click the image to read my girls story!

Holiday: My Children

I LOVE my children. LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM, but just like any parent my patience is much better when it's someone else's child or children. The picture above is probably the best shot of the day. The picture below is when spiderman graced us with his presence. My kids are way to comfortable in the studio...
Nyla giving Kendra (my new assistant!) "the look." Spiderman was under the chair.
The best picture of Tyler in is holiday sweater.
I think we will be trying this again... =)

Holiday: Ethan!

Ethan came into the studio on Friday for his 9mth and holiday pictures! This little man is on the move now! He was all about checking out the camera and even crawled up in my lap at one point...melt my heart. I bet mom and dad slept great last night!

December 06, 2007

Holiday: Beauties!

Ella and Skylar came in this past week for their annual holiday pictures. Lights, music, would have thought we were having a party!