April 30, 2008

{04.30.2008} Welcoming Baby Fisk

Rule #1: always ask for forgiveness.

Looking at this first image the lyrics "first comes love, then comes marriage..." comes to mind, then I want to scream "YIKES! RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK!" There are a lot of men that seem to be made of the same mold...guess this is why I find so much humor in this image. I recognize that same look. Scary huh? *giggles*

Dena and I have been friends for years. I love her. She is a natural beauty to begin with but pregnancy has made her absolutely stunning. She will make an amazing mom...Gabe on the other hand (j/k!), an amazing dad. Dena has her work cut out for her! They are not finding out what the sex is...the anticipation is killing me! Only a few more weeks!

I still think it's a boy!

{04.29.2008} Spring Loaded!

1/8 Second
This morning Gracey came into the studio for her 18mth pictures. BUSY, BUSY, BUSY GIRL! She spent most of the time she was here running from her mom and I with this "stinker" look on her face, laughing the entire time. Miss Gracey had no desire to sit for any pictures. Once her butt came down it shot right back up again. One is FUN!
Huggin Honey

{04.28.2008} Whispers

I have been holding out on this blog...I know, it should have already been posted. The reason I waited is I went through bereavement and volunteer services training at Spectrum Butterworth Tuesday for Whispers.

The picture above is one of two polaroids I was handed during Nyla's first blood transfusion, but before she was put on the ambulance to DeVos. I questioned why they gave me those pictures and was told that it was for "if she does not make it." I do not want any mother or father to ever have that feeling of this being their precious baby's last picture. A mother knows their baby, feels their movements, and knows their schedules, before they ever meet face-to-face. I want to help capture the memories of this precious life to live forever.

There are so many reasons for photographers to volunteer in their communities. The most selfless reason is to tell someone else's story. The beginning of life, even if it is only moments.

Last fall I shared my daughter, Nyla's story with the Michigan Community Blood Centers. And yesterday shared it again during bereavement training. After crying a few more times yesterday I've discovered that my tears with Nyla are happy tears. The tears of being so blessed that our daughter came home with us and is now a vibrant, energetic, happy, creative, three-year-old.

If you would like to learn more about Whispers and Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, or how to become involved, just click the links.

April 27, 2008

{04.27.2008} There's a little OINK in all of us.

I remember that feeling of excitement as a kid when I'd drop a shiny quarter into my ceramic pig. My kids are going through that now. "Mom, I'll vacuum if you have a quarter for me!" How can I not say that I LOVE it! I now have two pint-size housekeepers!

April 26, 2008

{04.26.2008} Congratulations Ethan & Ashley!

The forecast called for wind the last few days, not that it was going to be sunny, cloudy, rainy...just wind...they were not joking!

Ethan and Ashley were married today at Mars Hill in Grandville. There were so many brilliant touches that went into this wedding. My favorite was that Ethan's brother made their wedding bands! They were gorgeous!

Haven't I seen these shoes before? Old, New, Borrowed, Blue!
Mrs. Nickerson...Ashley, does that not sound crazy?
Miss, nope, Mrs.
The Lovely's
Meet Mr. & Mrs.
Sometimes I get caught. Today my lovely assistant was my girlfriend Sarah.CAUGHT!
simple. fabulous.
The beauty that girlfriends are FOREVER.*giggles*
Girl Friends are FOREVER.
Thank you for making me a part of your day! Hope the rest of your evening was fabulous!

April 25, 2008

{04.25.2008} Watch me mom!

Catch Mom!
My boy has taken to basketball the last week. He's getting REALLY good. Ty asked me to capture him dribbling, so till I figure out how to toss a slide show on here, you get a peek a my favorite guy!

April 24, 2008

{04.24.2008} April Showers bring...

something purple
Have we even gotten any rain this month? I still have a long road to the perfect landscaping, but the little bit I did get into the ground last fall is starting to bloom! And I even have this great line of dandelions across the back side of the house. I'm almost certain though that Nyla will keep up with picking bouquets for me as they bloom.
my favoritecranberry bush

{04.23.2008} Doggie Dates

With this beautiful spring weather, we had a play date today. Our pup, Stafford, joined us for a play date of his own...Maggie (pictured above).

{04.22.2008} Sweet Smell of Spring

Sweet Smell of Spring

April 21, 2008

{04.21.2008} Trestle Park, Rockford

This morning I had a little free time coming home from Rockford. The Northland detour took me up 12 Mile and north on Summit. This is such a small, peaceful area. There have been a few changes since last year, better groomed, landscaped different....not sure. Even on the hottest July day the water here is always ice cold. Why is that?

What I love about this location is the cement detailing that the water flows over. You can see the texture in the image above. Other than the ice water, this would be a great location to trash a wedding dress. Ideas! Ideas! Any takers?!

April 20, 2008

{04.20.2008} YOU ARE SPECIAL

This morning I met up with Christina and Eric for their epics! After flying in from Massachusetts on Friday, they unknowingly had their bachelor/bachelorette parties on Saturday night, then early morning with me today...not certain how they did it! The wedding is this summer in Holland, so what better location. They are such a fun couple, open to do anything I suggested.
How cute are they?!
I was told that Friday night a guy proposed to his girlfriend at the Holland Theater and went all out...orchestra, family, friends, and of course the sign! How fabulous!

April 19, 2008

{EXPERIENCE} CS Community Night - WINNER!

Cedar Springs Community Night was Thursday. It was wonderful seeing familiar faces and meeting new people!

My giveaway for the evening included:
  • 0n-location photo session
  • 1-8x10 or 2-5x7 prints
The winner...Denise Hanna of Cedar Springs!

{04.19.2008} Cedar Springs Meijer

These very well could be the very last images of a farm on the southwest corner of US131 and 17 Mile Road. This old place is history. The future will be Meijer's 10 minutes from my home...and maybe even a coffee house! w00t!

April 18, 2008

{04.18.2008} Honey-Do #502

Goal: basketball hoop assembly. I heard it was an all day project, but I'm thinking the game was the project.

April 17, 2008

{04.17.2008} Honey-Do #501

Building the coffee-sipping spot.

April 16, 2008

{04.16.2008} GR Camera Club

Adam DeKraker, Assistant Professor of Photography at Kendall College of Art and Design, came in to present the club with "Critical Theory - Basics from Beginner to Advanced Photography Classes."

Thank you for coming in Adam! We all loved what you brought to our group!

April 15, 2008

{04.15.2008} Playin on the Playground

This week is nothing but busy work. It was nice break on Tuesday helping out in Nyla's class. The sun was out and I think the teacher had an itch to get outside to enjoy this beautiful weather. I spent half of my time laying under the swings. It was great having these three and four year olds remind me that I was too close, that I was making a bad choice, and that I could get hurt...but then laughing because they all think I'm crazy.

Behind on posting my 366...I will get caught up...promise!

April 14, 2008

{04.14.2008} Zebra Grass

As I walk around my yard today I'm seeing new life. These zebra grass though are not showing signs of spring yet. The grass gets about 8-10' mid summer. I love listening to these outside my dining room window as the wind blows.

April 13, 2008

{04.13.2008} How to use a stool.

Ethan is back! At the mature age of ONE he had some great tricks to show off this afternoon! This little man has been in my studio every three months since he was two weeks old. It's so wonderful watching these little ones grow up, but it's so sad at the same time.

Ethan's mom and dad are going to have fun with this busy guy. He's all about how things are put together and work. If he had spent any more time here he would have mastered my lights and then moved onto the camera. I love that!
Happy Birthday big guy!

April 12, 2008

{04.12.2008} Congratulations Marianne & Damon!

Today was my official start to wedding season! That means that winter is OVER! Now for flowers to bloom!

Marianne and Damon were married today at East Paris Christian Reformed Church in Kentwood. After a brief stop at the covered bridge in Ada they were off to reception at Lincoln Country Club. What a relaxed, sweet couple. The highlight of the day (for me) was the bridge. Even though the only time the rain took a break was during the ceremony we still ventured out for some amazing pictures!

Congratulations you two! Have a wonderful time in the Bahamas! This is the flower girl, Rachel, with her dad twirling at the reception. How sweet are these two!