July 25, 2008

{07.25.2008} five of five!

A handful of months ago Amanda emailed me about her and Keith's wedding in October. Because I was already booked for their date I had to refer her out. Even though they had their epics done by their photographer, they still decided to join Andrea and Natalie's picture party at Holland State Park. w00t!

It was great meeting the two of you and Tyler!

July 24, 2008

{07.24.2008} four of five!

Meet Miss Abby. She had all kinds of tricks up her sleeve...or was it a to-do list my dear?
The bold colors in her dress were amazing for such a dreary, rain-threatened day.

1. eat sand
2. smile once

3. avoid photographer
4. follow mom

5. eat more sand
6. go swimming!

It was wonderful meeting you and your mom little lady! Thank you!

July 23, 2008

{07.23.2008} three of five!

Suzanne and Tai (aka Happy) were familiar faces when they arrived for their morning pictures. They attended Andrea and Mike's wedding! I remember that table carrying Nikon gear...even though they didn't have the Nikon camera's, they still get points for having smart friends!

I was told to pose them, and then realized there was no reason to pose these two...tweak yes, but they are very comfortable with the camera. LOVE that!

It was wonderful "officially" meeting you two!

July 22, 2008

{07.22.2008} two of five!

Mike and Andrea are so adorable. Andrea's laugh is infectious, and Mike's shyness and how quickly he blushes is great. After doing their epics last fall, wedding in November, and now capturing them as their family is about to grow...19 more weeks!!!!...is priceless.

I won't even go into how Mike glowed looking at Andrea on their wedding day. And how that look has changed and is more intense now that they will be welcoming baby D in November.

Ooops...guess I just did!

July 21, 2008

{07.21.2008} a no wedding weekend....

Up till five months ago I planned on spending Saturday with a beautiful bride I met last September, but life happened and my day was free. Spent it thinkin about my gal instead and processing images.

Sunday was another story!

Last winter my lovely bride, Andrea, and her girlfriend Natalie asked about putting together a "photo party" on the beach in Holland for sometime in July. Was I interested? OF COURSE! The weather looked pretty scary, but once again came through for five families! Natalie's family was my 9:20. Here she is with her guys!

My buddy Ollie...

The best pictures can be taken from the water. And yes, for those of you who just shivered, Lake Michigan was perfect!

I'll be posting a few images from each family/couple/kid session that took place, in the order of scheduled times, each day this week. So stay tuned!

July 18, 2008

{07.12.2008} Congratulations Eric & Kirsten!

I need to first say THANK YOU to my happily married couples from this past weekend for your patience and understanding on delayed blog posts. Love you!

covered in diamonds. me = drool

Saturday morning waking up to storms was not in my plan. The threat of storms again at 4:30 and 6pm didn't make for great nerves when your outdoor ceremony is scheduled for 4pm, pictures starting around five, and reception at seven. All pictures were during the threat. YIKES! Luckily, NOTHING happened!!!! Let me just give you a little taste of what 6:30 looked like...yes, I'm a tease!

And now back to the days flow...hehe

Kirsten and Eric are amazing. Met Kirsten for the first time a few weeks ago, met Eric Saturday morning. I felt like I had known them and their wedding party for years. The day started downtown at the Amway Grand Plaza.

Chandon champaign. The taste of almond. A great way to start the days celebration!

Arrival. Ceremony. One last look...

The ceremony was so relaxed and personal. Location, Townsend Park in Cannonsburg at the outdoor pavilion. One of my most favorite places. No decorations needed. Simple beauty.

Madison is the most mature eight year old I have ever met. With as tired as Miss Madison was due to pre-wedding events, she was fabulous.

The creation of a second family this past weekend...

Then back downtown for a few more pictures and reception at The Photography Room.

No wedding day is complete till you bust out that second dress! I hope the rest of your evening was a blast!

Eric and Kirsten...I wish you nothing but happiness. Thank you for everything!

July 17, 2008

{07.11.2008} Congratulations Henry & Annette!

Friday afternoon was in one word...perfect. Watching a couple become life partners is fabulous, but witnessing the creation of a new family is amazing.
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The day started Henry and Annette's new home. I love personalizing details, so this one I couldn't over-look. After using this little dish as a prop I was told it was a recent gift from Annette's kids, Katie and Jonathan. So sweet.
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Another lady that wears a size 5 shoe. Someone else shares my shopping pain!lol
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Henry and Annette pledged their lives as one at Trinity United Reformed Church in Caledonia on Friday evening. After the bridal party entered the sanctuary, Annette entered...on the arm of her son, Jonathan. I tear-up at every ceremony, but Jonathan giving his mother away was so touching.
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The reception took place at Pine Rest's new Postema Center. On the sign it says "for worship and education." The place is beautiful. The colors, the entrance, and the landscaping.
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Annette and Henry...you both are so incredibly wonderful. Thank you. I wish you both nothing but the best.

July 11, 2008

{07.11.2008} Out of Office

Crazy days ahead!

This evening Annette and Henry will be saying their vows in front of their family and friends at Trinity United Reform in Grand Rapids. Saturday morning the celebration will begin for Kirsten & Eric as they begin their lives together.

After Saturday nights events are over I will be on my way to Georgia for a family emergency, returning mid week. All emails and voice mails will be returned no later than Friday along with blog posts to catch-up from this weekend.

Have a safe and happy week!

July 05, 2008

{07.05.2008} Congratulations Danny & Kendra!

There is something about high school sweethearts. This something is so incredibly special. They are able to be care-free kids, school, graduation, and then the fun that comes with being an adult together. Dan and Kendra have been together for thirteen years, yet are just in their twenties!
porn shot 180
The day started in Big Rapids...straight business. Hair, make-up, dress, champaign...the necessities of a wedding day. We ventured over to the same park that their epics were taken at and then located a couple of fun old buildings before heading to Kendra's parents house (aka ceremony and reception site).

.find something dead and bring it hope

The above image is one of my favorites of the day. See Dan, absolutely fabulous!

The ceremony was in the backyard. The trellis has been there for years, but I'm still not remembering it from our session in December. Three sides were set-up for their guests with the bridal party in a "V" formation on the back. Very unique, and very much breath-taking.
make it personal
After the bestman and maid-of-honors toast Kendra had a few words. One question she kept being asked during the planning process is "why at your parents house?" The reason, all the memories. The first kiss in the yellow mustang in the driveway (next to the tent), along with many others. Why wouldn't they celebrate the beginning of their new life where their relationship started?

Risk #47 for 2008...being in Kendra and Dan's path as they rush through the arms of their bridal party. Shot with my 50mm...yes, I was a bit too close for comfort.=)
busting thru

On the hunt for a dirt road in Big Rapids...found!

Thank you so much for making us a part of your day! Lynell and I had a blast! Have a fabulous time in St. Lucia!

July 02, 2008

{07.02.2008} in the storm

calm before the storm
How fabulous it is to have underground electric and cable. Something I take for granted till it's gone. Luckily, Solon Township didn't have any wires down, unlike other areas of Grand Rapids, and other than the kids I had no interruptions. I was able to sit and process wedding pictures, upload to a proof gallery, and listen to my kids fight over what movie to watch or what video game to play.

This image was taken around 2:30 just before the storm hit our area. The radar said it wasn't too close to us, but I snapped two shots and was running for the house. Looking past the blooming/drying quack grass...isn't the color fabulous?! I LOVE crazy skies, thunder, lightening, and sitting in the front window with my kids watching the storm roll in.