October 31, 2008


My Fun2.

Supergirl not having anything to do with pictures.


And what do superhero's do? Take off and RUN!

Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2008

forever : happy anniversary love

trudy holz photography 2001

i love you for who we were. i love you for what we have learned and how we have grown. i love you for the father you are. i love you for who we have become. i love you for loving me.

October 21, 2008

baby : I love Nicholas

Tuesday morning I finally had the opportunity to met Sir Nicholas! I had the pleasure of capturing his mom in her third trimester in August. Is he not just the sweetest? I love my job.

Not only is this little man sweet, but he's also the nosiest little bugger at only four weeks old.*giggle*

When his big brother Nathan came into the studio as a newborn he slept the entire time. Nicholas on the other hand changed his nap schedule just for me and was awake and boppin around. Sorry mom, no sleeping shots!

I look forward to watching you grow little man!

October 20, 2008

yes! : Paul & Jill

Monday morning I met up with Paul and Jill for their epics! Having met them back in August at James and Chelsea's wedding I knew it would be a great time....now to get past picture anxiety.*giggle* Not really knowing where they wanted to head, we hit as many locations as we could before dropping from starvation.

Super sweet, they treated me to lunch at their reception venue, Till Midnight. Then the rain became too much to head back out, so we played a bit with the location. If anyone is looking for a venue in Holland, this place is fabulous. The food is excellent, and their menu consists of gourmet dishes along with everything from wine to specialty coffee...yes, I walked out the door with my fave, a caramel latte.

We did get a few looks.*giggle*

Paul...bw, for you babe! It was wonderful getting to know the two of you! I'm so looking forward to June!

October 19, 2008

curtain call : Steve & Lori

September 13, 2008 was a mess. Steve and Lori on the other hand were amazing. An old wives tale states that rain on your wedding day is a sign of luck. If that's the case, then these two are set. As I was leaving their reception I made them an offer...a puddle jump extension. They had planned on downtown pictures between ceremony and reception, the rain took care of that idea along with any other possibilities the entire day due to 24hrs of wetness. Sunday afternoon we made it happen. Lori in her dress, Steve in his tux...curtain call!

I loved seeing you two again! I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon this week!

yes! : Corey & Cheryl

Sunday morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cheryl and Corey at Hagar Park in Jenison. Cheryl and I met for lunch a few weeks ago to discuss their wedding next September. We laughed pretty much the entire afternoon. That laughter continued between serious faces and searching for the next location. Corey, your lady is nothing but trouble!

Looking forward to September 2009!

October 18, 2008

i do. : John & Elizabeth

Saturday had to have been the most perfect October day possible for John and Elizabeth. The morning started at St. Mary's Church in Spring Lake, followed by pictures in Spring Lake and Grand Haven, and reception at Fruitport Golf Club in Muskegon. It was all very quiet till the ladies arrived, then the tears started flowing, the laughter started, and the days pace picked up a bit!

Grandma entered the room and the tears flowed some more...

On the exit we were off to a park in Spring Lake.

The trip to Temptations in Grand Haven for ice cream was a must. We were also able to then meet up with Elizabeth & Johns pup, Cookie. Cookie always makes an appearance for pictures.

A few more pictures in town...

Seriously John? *giggle*

These two took a couple lessons and brought their own twist to the dance floor. LOVE it!

I can't say as though I have ever seen a reception rock out the dance floor quite like Saturday. What a riot! And for the girls...

John and Elizabeth, Thank you. Your day was as absolutely fabulous. I wish you nothing but the best. Have a wonderful time on your cruise this week!

October 17, 2008

yes! : Ryan & Sasha

This evening I had the pleasure of meeting up with Sasha and Ryan downtown Rockford. A perfectly rescheduled (pushed out due to rain in Sept.) fall evening. I'm so glad we needed to reschedule...the color was perfect!

It was great getting to know the both of you! I can not wait till July!

October 14, 2008

family : Frank, Shawna, Nicholas, Shane, and Jeremy!

I met the most amazing family tonight! Shawna contacted me a few weeks ago for family pictures. I was soooo looking forward to the challenge of three boys. Seriously, there was not a challenge at all. This family is great. Boys...one crazy pic, one nice pic.

And one gorgeous pic.

Thank you for all the laughs guys!