November 28, 2007

Holiday: Santa's Helper!

Tuesday I had the opportunity of playing with one of Santa's littlest helpers! Jarrett brought both of his older sisters in with him for this session, but till he had the spotlight all to himself he was a I completely understand little man! See you for your 6mth pictures in another month!Sibling photo: Ashlee, K.C., and Jarrett

November 25, 2007

Who knew smiles would be so hard to come by?

Elizabeth and Raylee were brought into the studio this weekend for a family photo. Our church directory needs their new faces! Mom and Dad wanted some individual photos of their girls, but Miss Elizabeth was just not having it. She's loved me in the nursery, so I'm blaming it on the

Holiday: Miss Taylor

And Miss Taylor who stopped in to play and have some pictures done for the holidays. There are so many things to see and explore, kids to play with, and boys echo's through the register. By the time Miss Taylor was smiling and not in serious mode, she was messing with me! Popping around and making her stinker face.
Teddy was a huge hit with everyone the last couple of days. All the attention, I think he's lonely now girls!

November 22, 2007

Holiday: Master Dylan

Dylan came in for his 3mth pics what seems like just a couple weeks ago. Now almost 5mths old he was requiring holiday pictures and cards for his family and friends! Mister Serious had his thinking face on the entire time...I think he was taking notes for what/where to explore at his 6mth shoot!

Happy Holidays little man!

November 21, 2007

Don't forget to send out holiday cards!

Need ideas for holiday cards this year? Not wanting to order the same'ol thing you know you'll be receiving from friends?

Call, schedule your studio apt, allow me to custom design your holiday greeting cards, and send your beautiful family out for all to envy!

For availability call 616.696.9877

November 18, 2007

e-pics: James & Chelsea

Saturday I had the privilege again of photographing James & Chelsea! We did their first e-pics back in September in St. Joseph, but due to intense sun that morning they decided to head north to visit Cedar Springs. We started in the studio with some simple, more traditional poses, then we headed to Rockford to take advantage of an old barn on a friends property.

Sorry to hear about St. Joe's loss to E.Grand Rapids!

November 11, 2007

Congratulations Mike & Andrea!

The elegance. Mike's smile. Andrea's laughter.

Ceremony took place at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary with the reception following at Bistro Bella Vita downtown Grand Rapids. All the planning could not have been for a more relaxed, romantic evening. Deep red roses, candle light and white lights for atmosphere.

Have a wonderful time on your pre-honeymoon this week!

November 04, 2007

Congratulations Will & Sara!

Saturday's wedding took place at Mayfair Christian Reformed Church in Grand Rapids with the reception at English Hills Terrace in Comstock Park.

The weather could not have been more perfect for November, a duplicate of Friday. Pictures started at the church with a brief stop at Aquinas College. Their celebration was in full swing once the newlyweds arrived at English Hills with over 250 guests awaiting their arrival!
A year ago I had the opportunity of photographing Sara's extended family...and let me tell you, that was the largest family I have shot at one time. The "kids" that day were her mother's siblings. It was wonderful being able to catch-up with everyone to hear about all the changes that can happen in just one year.

November 03, 2007

Congratulations George & Jeralyn!

And who said a non-traditional bride doesn't want traditional pictures? Hmmmm... (you had to have known we'd give you a hard time!)

George and Jeralyn were married on Friday afternoon at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church downtown Grand Rapids. Absolutely breathtaking. Jers was up for anything and with the incredible November weather we took full advantage of being outdoors. Reception was at the Radisson Hotel immediately following the ceremony. It was great listening to old college friends catch up while celebrating George and Jeralyn's new life. Simply "PERF!"

lizzie photo: PARTNER IMAGES
A little description on the picture above. Jeralyn's parents and grandparents were both married at St. Mary's. The one required shot of the day was taken at the only location in the church that has not changed in 150 years. The same location and pose to add to their family history.
Something I learned Friday... Did you know you can FAKE a CAKE?


Seeking someone that is fun, personable, outgoing, patient, great with children, time-oriented, professional, dependable, an eye for detail, and can handle a camera.

TIME: To say this would be part-time or on-call would be best, being that I can not guarantee a full schedule. The calendar for 2008 continues to grow.

I look forward to hearing your story and see examples of your work ( or equal if you do not have a digital portfolio or website).

Applicants interested may contact me via email: