September 23, 2007

Congratulations Emily & Dan!

Saturday could not have been a more perfect day for a beach wedding. Emily and Dan have to be one of the sweetest couples I have ever had the privilege to spend the day with. Their preparations were amazing. Simplicity was perfection. They rented a cottage right on the beach in Grand Haven and shared their day with immediate family.

September 17, 2007

Brower Park: Racing Weekend

This weekend was the final race of the year for the medical team my husband works with during race season. Saturday was a bit chilly at 57 degrees (especially for the guys who went swimming...err rescuing), but Sunday was perfect an no one needed to be in the water. Kids had a great time running with their friends and I had the opportunity to relax.

September 11, 2007

09.10.2007 ~ Lighting Workshop

Monday night Mike and I put on a very low-key lighting workshop at a studio over in Standale (Thank you Patrick!!!). We had three lighting set-ups, a handful of models, and 16 photographers clicking away.
The picture above is Jeremiah (6mths) and myself. I was assisting this little man to help with his future modeling career. For those of you wondering what the lighting set-up is in my studio...these lights would be mine, just not my studio.

To view additional images from this workshop... LINK

Thank you to everyone who came out! It was a great time...something we definitely need to do again soon!!!

First Day of PRESCHOOL!

Today I cried, okay, really I bawled. Both my babies are now in school. We were all celebrating on the way there, we hugged and kissed, waved good bye, and I was the only one that cried (as I was driving out of the parking lot of course).

They came home with all kinds of stories, new names of friends, art projects, but of course snack time was their favorite.

The time that they are gone twice a week will give me a set time to get work done with out interruptions (wooohooooooooo!!!). For those of you who know me, know work starts after bedtime, and lasts till all hours of the night. I hope to start sleeping a bit more now!

Second thought, I've done well with out sleep till now...must find more work!!!

September 09, 2007

Congratulations Andrea & Adam!

What an incredible day for a wedding! Adam and Andrea are the best. Their family's and friends were wonderful. Ceremony and reception at The Piper in Holland. So many things come to mind making the day ideal. The one that sticks out the most is Andrea's knew her groom, her planning, her day, was perfection.This last picture was only taken to put a smile on Andrea's face. Freeze the Visine and pick all the cashews out of the fudge.

September 07, 2007

This is why I love Fridays...

Meet Zoe. She just turned ONE last week. This first picture pretty much says it all. Zoe was high-energy, fun, and entertaining. She checked out my camera numerous times to make sure I was paying attention and it was working. I may just need to hire this little gal as my new assistant.
You don't think she's messing with me do you?Later this afternoon I had the opportunity of meeting our new Youth Pastor, Tom Holloway, and his family for their church directory portrait.
My kids instantly fell in love with their older two, and I have to admit I'm pretty sweet on that little man.

September 03, 2007

e-pics: James & Chelsea

Sunday morning I had the opportunity of getting to know Chelsea and James a little better during their engagement session at Tiscornia beach in St. Joseph. They could not have picked a more fun morning to spend at the pier. A once a year photo opportunity of the TRI-State Sailing Regatta leaving the harbor was amazing. Less than a year till your big day!

09.02.2007 ~ TRI-State Sailing Regatta 2007

Sunday morning the TRI-State Sailing Regatta was due to head out during the 9 o'clock hour. Playing with my new fisheye lens the morning started with a self-portrait. You can never have too many pictures of the Tiscornia pier.During the engagement session with James and Chelsea I had told them my goal for the day was to get a picture of the "Nitemare" boat from the evening before. Wouldn't you know it! They came sailing by as we were taking pier their pictures!!! If you look to the upper right of this picture you will see the photographers on the Silver Beach side of the pier that made it into The Herald-Palladium Labor Day edition newspaper. I had to check the paper to see if we happened to make it into their After I said good-bye to James and Chelsea I spent the rest of the day on the beach at Grand Mere with the kids south of St. Joe. My kids were able to see all the sailboats headed to Michigan City, IN. What a beautiful sight for such a beautiful day.

September 02, 2007

09.01.2007 ~ TRI-State Sailing Regatta 2007

Back home in Stevensville for a couple of days during this beautiful holiday weekend. As we were wrapping up dinner Saturday evening my mother had mentioned that the sailboats were in St. Joseph for their Annual TRI-State Sailing Regatta. The trip starts in Chicago, spends the night in St. Joe and the next morning heads for Michigan City.

Tossed my back-up camera at mom and we headed down for sunset. These are only a few images that I caught last night. With the session I have scheduled for this morning I'm hoping to catch them as they leave at 9am. One boat that I wanted to get pictures of last night was just not working for me due to lighting. I have a goal this morning...