August 31, 2007

Ethan is SIX Months Old!

These little ones grow up way too fast! Seems like just a couple weeks ago Ethan came into the studio for portraits with plans for birth announcements. He's got a great little personality...and I know half of where he gets it from! Entertainment in the studio STAYS in the studio! ;)The "you're still here?" picture. I just love this little man.

August 25, 2007

Congratulations Mark & Patricia!

Today was amazing. Starting the day with rain that turned into wonderful.

The location was Brook Lodge in Augusta, MI. The colors were spectacular, cameras were out, the groom was entertaining, and the bride...stunning.

Eight Weeks is SOOOOOOO Sweet.

Friday afternoon Jarrett brought his mom and his oldest sister, K.C., into the studio with him. He was fascinated with the lights. Already rolling from side-to-side he found ways of entertaining himself and had very little interest in the camera. To go along with some amazing pictures I had the opportunity to cuddle with one very sweet little man.

August 23, 2007

Mr. Robinson

I love this kid! Nathan is so much fun. We just did pictures of him back in June as a surprise for Father's Day. The words and logic from this child in only a couple of months is amazing. Nathan turned two on the ninth and showed his age well this morning. We had new tricks for mom and tears when he was finished. Two is so much fun!

August 20, 2007

Rainy Week Special: Aug. 20-24

Its RAINING! To celebrate I'm running a special of 20% off print reorders through Friday at 9pm!!!

If you had your session, placed a previous order, but pondered ordering more or larger prints...this would be your opportunity!

Give me a ring or pop me an email to get the ball rolling!


NOTE: This special only applies to clients who have previously placed orders for the specified session. Not to be combined with any other special. No change in shipping charges
on total retail value.

August 19, 2007

World Photography Day ~ 08.19.2007

World Photography Day is one day a year where photographers around the world do what they love together.

Today I took two pictures...both were the beginning of my day.
Today, everyday...I love my kids. Nyla made her way into bed with out us knowing sometime this morning. Our little princess. She ordered juice just after this picture was taken.As I came down the stairs to start coffee and get the princess some juice I had Spiderman watching me through backwards binoculars.

I knew then it was going to be a great day!

August 18, 2007

43rd Annual Danish Festival

The day was spent in Greenville taking in all the festivities that the Danish Festival has to offer. How much better can it get when kids ask for popcorn for lunch, and get it.

Parade at 11am. Here is a picture of the kids patiently waiting for the parade to start.My Redskins fan and little lady sit with their friend Jet.Wandering down Lafayette I didn't get a chance to checkout all the craft booths like I enjoy due to having the kids with me. We did stop at and purchase a sun catcher from Breath Catchers and a halo with ribbons for Nyla before the parade. After the parade we wandered back up the opposite side of the street and found Fran who I purchased three rag rugs from last fall at the East Grand Rapids show.I was looking for a kitchen rug, but Fran didn't have any deep red. I'll just have to track her down at one of her upcoming shows. If you are interested in checking out Fran's Why Nots Woven Rag Rugs you can reach her at (269)674-8890 or email her at to find out where here upcoming shows are. Her rugs are great. The E.GR show she couldn't keep them on the tables.

August 16, 2007

Grand Rapids Camera Club @ Barnes & Noble

After a meeting in Grand Rapids tonight I had time to hit Norman Camera (me=kid in a candy store...I'm writing my letter to Santa) and then headed over to Barnes & Noble on 28th Street.

The Grand Rapids Camera Club has the back hallway of B&N next to the coffee shop all to themselves for the month of August. On display you will find a variety of fabulous work from several GRCC members.Before you leave please take a moment to sign the guest book.

For more information on the Grand Rapids Camera Club please visit:

August 11, 2007

If I had a dime for every blink...

Last night I met Andrea and Adam for their engagement photos. They were so fun. My challenge for the evening...blinks. It became our theme. I'm quite certain Adam's blinking in the picture above, you just can't see it. ;)

Andrea was a wonderful tour guide. We wandered all over, climbed walls, stairs, and rocks. It was great taking in the views of downtown Grand Rapids. What a perfect evening.

Looking forward to your upcoming wedding!!!

August 10, 2007


At 7am when the alarm went off my first thought was FOG! ICK! But then had the promise of it lifting early. Grabbed my joe, said a prayer and ran out the door!
I had the pleasure this morning spending time with Chelsea. We had several locations including back to the studio for a more formal session.

I just love this one. Beautiful subject, convertable, dress, red heels, and a corn field.

August 09, 2007

Partner Additions!

Ashley Barnhardt and I met standing in line at Meijer in Rockford on July 8...the Sunday evening after the heat from the 7.7.07 wedding weekend fun.

Ashley is a stay-at-home mother of a beautiful little gal and an entrepreneur like myself. She's a very talented florist that works out of her home. I highly recommend giving her a call to chat with her about your special day!

Ashley E. Barnhart, MCF
Phone: 616.889.5615

Breath Catchers
By: Amber & Gail

Amber is a girlfriend of mine that is in business with her mother making these breath-taking sun catchers.

The 43rd Annual Danish Festival is coming up the weekend of August 16th-19th in Greenville. Amber and Gail will be there on Friday and Saturday! Go check them out, stop in at the new Starbucks, eat an elephant ear, and ride the rides!

Amber & Gail

To check-out the Partners Gallery...LINK

August 05, 2007

CONGRATULATIONS Kevin & Melissa!!!

This weekend was a family event in Downtown Detroit. The Inn on Ferry Street was the location and the weather was perfect. I was not "working," but did manage to capture a few details.

August 04, 2007

DETROIT - Hockeytow?

Friday evening was HOT downtown Detroit. Dinner at Cheli's, Tigers vs. White Sox, and a few city lights.Kliethermes/Vander Laan wedding in full swing today!!!

August 01, 2007

AUGUST SPECIAL: Complementary 8x10

Schedule a session the month of August, place your order of $75 or more with in 90 days and receive an 8x10 of your choice as a Thank You from LVL Photography.

*This offer may not be used with any other specials.