September 30, 2008

family : Charlie, Olivia, and now Travis!

This morning I had the pleasure of playing with Charlie, Olivia, and three month old Travis. The girls wanted to hang out and play the rest of the day, and little Travis...he still has my heart. We were making up for some missed birthday pictures and making certain Mr. SweetiePants didn't miss his. Enjoy the preview!

I love when my cup is full!

September 29, 2008

yes! : Matt & Jenni

I've been warned. Matt is nothing but trouble and his boys...well, lets just say, I think Matt was being nice to me on Sunday afternoon. Jenni, you do know what you're getting into right?lol

We started at Townsend Park, but then wandered into the village of Cannonsburg for a couple of quick captures. Sunday was filled with nothing but laughter. My brides and grooms truly are the absolute best!

We're just starting to show some signs of favorite time of year!

Hope you two enjoy your preview!

September 28, 2008

yes! : Craig & Kaprice

Sunday morning came bright and to Holland to finally meet Kaprice and Craig! Mmmmmmmmm....carmel marvel from Bigby's. To my delight these two were better at waking me up than that $14 (yes, that's correct. I know I handed that girl a $20. Sorry, still a little bitter.) cup of joe. The laughter was endless!

And to make the morning a little more Belle & Zoe!

The wind off of Lake MI was a little out of control. Added to the laughter!

And into town! Oh, wait, there was that little detour...

Craig's request.

Last shot of the day. Fierce.

I hope you enjoy your preview as much as I enjoyed the morning!
August 2009 will be here very soon!

September 27, 2008

i do. : Jordan & Janine

Janine and Jordan...I love you both. Your families and your friends learned just how simply amazing you two are today. Not that they didn't already know that you're both amazing, but there's a new respect. One thing I tend to tell brides when they have their time lines in the works is "the only thing that truly matters at the end of the day is that you both were standing at the alter, vows said, and introduction as Mr. and Mrs." Not that your ceremony starts on time, your dress fits, your vendors show, or you both have rings, but that you were there together.

Ceremony took place at Hudsonville Christian Reform Church in Hudsonville, with reception immediately following at Creekside Greenhouse. This is one wedding I could not wait for this season. After meeting with Janine, and hearing about all of their plans, and that they included a greenhouse...this was one experience I was counting days for!

Janine is a natural beauty, but on her wedding day...beyond breath-taking.
I was told that this image is "so Janine."

The dress.
The sanctuary...bringing the outdoors in...what this family makes look so easy.

The ring.

First meeting.

Janine and Jordan.

First kiss.

The exit.

Boys behaving badly.

Creekside Greenhouse

First dance;

but wait, it gets better...

Bridal party dance...Electric Slide.

You've lost that lovin feelin, oh that lovin feelin...

And a shout out to a man with the tightest pants in wedding history! w00t!

Janine and Jordan, Thank you. Your day definitely kept everyone on their toes. I hope your honeymoon is filled with even more excitement!

September 26, 2008

stella event design : give a way week!

Received an email from Jessica over at Stella Event Design this afternoon. She's got some giveaways going this coming week for recent and upcoming brides!

Just check out her blog, comment, and possibly pocket some goodies! Good luck!

2009 Grad : Janna

It was a sweet break tonight spending time with Janna for her senior pictures knowing that the next two days will be filled with wedding and wedding preparation fun. Taking advantage of the last days of warm weather was fabulous wandering around downtown Grand Rapids.

A little bit of flare love.

I am totally lovin Janna's shoes!

Hope you've enjoyed your preview lady! More soon to come!