November 29, 2008

gorgeous Miss months young

Miss Kendall came into the studio this morning with mom and dad in tow. We covered family, Holiday goodness, then played peek-a-boo and SOOOOO big.

Doer or thinker?

Thinker. I'm almost certain she was wondering if I was crazy giving her lights to snack on. Could it be teething as why she wasn't feeling so good?

It was wonderful seeing everyone! Hope you had a great day making cookies with grandma!

November 21, 2008

yes! : Matt & Tracy

Sunday morning before leaving the St. Joe area we met up with Matt and Tracy for their epics! Tracy was a bridesmaid in one of my weddings from August, so it was great seeing her again. Matt, it was great finally meeting you!

These two moved their wedding from June to July due to economic challenges with their original location...something no b&g ever wants to go through. I'm a believer of one door closing and another opening. New location... Mill Creek Barns opening May 2009! w00t!

I found this location months ago and have been dying to use it. Unfortunately, it's 100% poison ivy (both walls + ground). Being I spent eight weeks covered in the stuff last spring I'm not that adventurous.*giggle* Luckily for us, it's November so most of it was dead. See the red on the left wall? So far so good here. Matt?

Looking forward to July 2009!

November 19, 2008

i do. : Brian & Shaya

Saturday, despite the bitter wind and the rain (or was it snow?), Brian and Shaya were HOT. The emotion that overwhelmed the entire day was amazing. Ceremony took place at Zion Church of Christ in Baroda with the party (oops, reception) at Lake Michigan College Mendel Center.

I'm sooooooooo in the mood for black/white....

First meeting. A great way to surprise a it on the fly.=)

I :heart: Grandma Barb.

The ridiculously fabulous bridal party. You know your friends and family rock when they will suffer the bitter cold for you!

There are so many unexplainable images from Saturday night. It's making me crazy that I can not remember the song at this point of the evening. Help? What do you think Brian was singing?*giggle*

I hope you two find time to relax and enjoy your first week of marriage! Thank you for allowing Justin and I to experience it!

On a side note: this past Saturday was bitter sweet. One more wedding to go for the year coming up here in December, yet I can see relaxation in my future. w00t!

November 18, 2008

turning 4

Happy Birthday Squirrel-bait!

Every mother reflects back on their baby's day of birth. I look back on my daughters birthday as the day she was given life twice. If asked to talk about our experience I tear-up, just thinking about it I tear up. Only now they are tears of overwhelming emotion and happiness. Today is a day I will forever continue to thank strangers who gave their time and donation of blood to the Michigan Community Blood Centers. If you would like to read "Nyla's Story" just click the image below.
This time of year is the perfect time to put out a reminder due to crazy schedules and holidays approaching. You can find donation locations by clicking HERE.

November 16, 2008


Crazy theme of the weekend. Leaving Benton Harbor Sunday morning Justin and I wandered into Harbortown Cafe to wrap our hands around some joe to warm up...and discovered this cup. You better believe I tipped!

Pictures from this weekend will be up with in the next couple of days!

November 11, 2008

ramblings...pretty non-photography related...sorta

What did I learn in kindergarten today?
- Not a single child in Tyler's class takes me serious. Why is that? =P
- In kindergarten I learned "letter people" and we took naps. Today they are learning "site words" and reading books such as Go Animals Go. Naps only happen in preschool.
- In kindergarten I learned numbers and how to count. Today we learned that 4+4=8, 5+5=10, and 3+6=9.
- Parachutes can be used for a great game of cat-n-mouse...and all the giggles are a major bonus.

I LOVE my EdenPURE. Got the electric bill and it only went up $40 from the summer months...and best of all...the propane powered furnace has YET to turn on! w00t! Oh yeah, and (plug) they sell them at Plainfield Lumber & Hardware on Plainfield. Just ask for Taco.=)

Gas in Cedar Springs today is $1.91. What?!

Happy 4th birthday Coleton!!!!! :smoooooooooooooooch:

We had drywall delivered last Friday. Not sure how long mudding takes, but I can't wait for paint! THIS is what my newly remodeled studio looks like today. Bye-bye cement!

The wall with out drywall will be a faux brick and the floors will be wood. Ideas for colors on the other walls is more than welcome!

The blog is experiencing a personality disorder. Stay tuned for some great changes!

Thank you to all our Veterans!

Happy Tuesday!

November 08, 2008

i do. : Neil & Nicole

Today was one of the most romantic experiences I have witnessed all season. Despite waking up to snow, the bitter chill, and the rain that followed, Neil and Nicole were hot. Ceremony took place at Sparta Church of the Nazarene with the reception immediately following at Aquinas College Wege Center. Nicole is a huge fan of sepia. Her plan was to give the effect in even the most colorful of pictures. She succeeded.

This little lady stole my heart.


Yes, I attempted (unsuccessfully) to get the secret honeymoon location out of Neil before leaving. Nicole, I can not wait to hear how he surprised you! I hope it was dry, warm, and amazing! Thank you for allowing us to experience your day!

November 05, 2008

yes! : Adam & Liz

Rain caused delay on our original schedule over a week ago, so Liz asked if today would work. Of course! What we didn't realize is we were going to take advantage of a 70 degree day!

Adam and Liz are so sweet together. I love learning about how couples work together, their personalities, and how comfortable they are in front of a camera. After a challenging beginning to the week, they were exactly who I needed to spend time with. So easy and relaxed.

Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon! I can't hardly wait for May 2009!

November 01, 2008

grad : katie

This morning Katie and I rocked out downtown. An amazing photographer herself, it was Katie's turn to be on the other side! The image above...S.M.O.K.I.N!


Hey lady! It was fabulous spending the morning with you!