June 28, 2007

Girls Night Out!!!

My darling two year old daughter and I had an evening Ty-free tonight. We started with meeting daddy at a friends house. Ricky's son races out at Winston Motor Speedway in Rothbury, MI every Friday night (go check him out!!!). This car was definitely a must experience for Nyla. Pictured is Camilla and Nyla (Ny's driving).Then we were off to grab ice cream and visit a girlfriend. When we left there we drove down to Lime Lake where Solon Twp. Fire Dept. was doing water rescue training. My timing wasn't great....they were all getting out of the water when we pulled up. Still, I got a great shot of one of the engines. I'm looking forward to getting photos of the new truck when it arrives in July!
After getting the kids to bed I was outside watering flowers and moving sprinklers. One of the best parts of this new house is the sky's at night. The west of course has amazing sunsets, but what's crazy is the east never follows suit. You would have thought it was raining in the east tonight.
I shot several images and linked them all together for a panoramic effect.

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