June 10, 2007

Looking back...

This past week I can sum up in three words...self inflicted insanity. I love my job!

Summer playdate's the past couple weeks have kicked-off the summer perfect. I love watching my kids run and play with their friends. Still in shock that I will have both kids in preschool in the fall...how do they grow-up so fast?

Wednesday Evan brought his parents with him for his three month photos. This little redhead has grown so much since he came in for birth announcements and photos with his parents back in March. You're a doll little man!
Friday we had wicked winds coming out of the west. Schalese & Alvin's beach wedding in Grand Haven was scheduled for 7pm. Thankfully the winds started to die down just before we got started. Such a wonderful couple. I wish them all the best. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day.

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