July 15, 2007


Beautiful, versatile pottery hand crafted in America.
As I was cleaning this afternoon I ran across Bret Bornter's business card and full line brochure. My last trip home (Stevensville, MI) the end of May I wandered through his store. In one corner he had on display his current collection. His chip & dip serving plate (round above) is in my kitchen! He over heard my mom and I talking and said there was a few pieces he had designed for Crate & Barrel. I then found I have quite a bit of his work in my kitchen. I love simple, versatile, white pieces.

That same day I headed towards Michigan City to find that the Crate & Barrel location was gone.

If a trip to St. Joseph is a bit much you can find Bret Bortner Design's ONLINE STORE at WWW.BRETBORTNERDESIGN.COM

Bret Bortner Design
210 State Street
St. Joseph, MI 49085

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