July 21, 2007

Sneak Peak ~ St. Joseph

In one word this weekend has been wonderful...and it's only Saturday evening!

Friday I had the opportunity of meeting the Kerschbaum family. The winds were quite strong coming off the lake, but it only made for a more interesting evening. Such sweet girls, and for a 7:30pm portrait session they were fab.After we said our good-bye's my husband and I decided to take a walk out to the lighthouse. We didn't quite make it...but the short walk made for some great shots. I love St. Joe.I could have brought a tent, because 9:30 this morning I was back at Tiscornia beach to spend time with the Lewis family. They had so much fun playing on the beach together which made for some incredible shots. The image below is one of the very few taken with the lighthouse missing from the background. By 10:00 there were familys swarming the beach and boats coming through the channel.
As I was headed up the beach to look for the Perry family they were already making their way into the sand. What perfect timing! Talk about three cute little blonds. We started with a few pictures in the tall grasses to give for a few more options because the beach was in full swing. The kids collected snail shells, ran a few laps up and down the beach, and then rested for family time digging. The image below was my very last shot. I loved that they appear to have forgotten I was even there.

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