August 18, 2007

43rd Annual Danish Festival

The day was spent in Greenville taking in all the festivities that the Danish Festival has to offer. How much better can it get when kids ask for popcorn for lunch, and get it.

Parade at 11am. Here is a picture of the kids patiently waiting for the parade to start.My Redskins fan and little lady sit with their friend Jet.Wandering down Lafayette I didn't get a chance to checkout all the craft booths like I enjoy due to having the kids with me. We did stop at and purchase a sun catcher from Breath Catchers and a halo with ribbons for Nyla before the parade. After the parade we wandered back up the opposite side of the street and found Fran who I purchased three rag rugs from last fall at the East Grand Rapids show.I was looking for a kitchen rug, but Fran didn't have any deep red. I'll just have to track her down at one of her upcoming shows. If you are interested in checking out Fran's Why Nots Woven Rag Rugs you can reach her at (269)674-8890 or email her at to find out where here upcoming shows are. Her rugs are great. The E.GR show she couldn't keep them on the tables.

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Anonymous said...

hi leda,
thanks for the promo i will try to find some red for your rug . try at egr. fran