August 09, 2007

Partner Additions!

Ashley Barnhardt and I met standing in line at Meijer in Rockford on July 8...the Sunday evening after the heat from the 7.7.07 wedding weekend fun.

Ashley is a stay-at-home mother of a beautiful little gal and an entrepreneur like myself. She's a very talented florist that works out of her home. I highly recommend giving her a call to chat with her about your special day!

Ashley E. Barnhart, MCF
Phone: 616.889.5615

Breath Catchers
By: Amber & Gail

Amber is a girlfriend of mine that is in business with her mother making these breath-taking sun catchers.

The 43rd Annual Danish Festival is coming up the weekend of August 16th-19th in Greenville. Amber and Gail will be there on Friday and Saturday! Go check them out, stop in at the new Starbucks, eat an elephant ear, and ride the rides!

Amber & Gail

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