November 03, 2007

Congratulations George & Jeralyn!

And who said a non-traditional bride doesn't want traditional pictures? Hmmmm... (you had to have known we'd give you a hard time!)

George and Jeralyn were married on Friday afternoon at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church downtown Grand Rapids. Absolutely breathtaking. Jers was up for anything and with the incredible November weather we took full advantage of being outdoors. Reception was at the Radisson Hotel immediately following the ceremony. It was great listening to old college friends catch up while celebrating George and Jeralyn's new life. Simply "PERF!"

lizzie photo: PARTNER IMAGES
A little description on the picture above. Jeralyn's parents and grandparents were both married at St. Mary's. The one required shot of the day was taken at the only location in the church that has not changed in 150 years. The same location and pose to add to their family history.
Something I learned Friday... Did you know you can FAKE a CAKE?

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