January 23, 2008

{01.22.2008} Homeward bound!

I'm a day late posting this; but what can you do when you arrive home at 2:30am, get the car stuck at the end of the driveway, and can't get on line? Don't you just hate that?lol

The picture above was taken when Sue and I walked in to Toarmina's (open 24hrs right around the corner from DET) at 11pm looking for dinner. My wonderful Garmin GPS system locked up right after leaving the seminar we attended, leaving me to dig out the old map from the trunk. Since "Lola" (yes, she's been named!) has done this before, I NEVER leave home with out my handy-dandy National Geographic atlas.

Lola is on my "replace" list for first quarter 2008. I won't say what I called her when I realized we were the blue arrow that wasn't moving on her screen. Anyone have a favorite GPS unit you can not live with out? I'd love to know!!!
Toarmina's - "The Biggest Around"

No, we did not order a 24" pizza, but they have their walls wallpapered with their logo so you don't miss what they are advertising!

I'll post in the next few days on why we were in Detroit!

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