January 26, 2008

{01.26.2008} Reading is Sexy

Tuesday's seminar in Detroit was great. It reassured me that there are things I'm doing right (looking back on my sales & marketing life) with my business, but it also gave me some great ideas. Bruce Hudson's New Directions/Reality Check Tour 2007-2008 was an inspiration. Anyone that can sell a 50" print for $4500 (NOT a typo!) has got my attention! His 8x10's run around $200! Granted my prices will NEVER look like his, but he's a wealth of information, and this seminar was something you would not want to miss. Even if you were not a photographer, you would have picked up some great tools.

I will be introducing some new products in the near future. From trendy, bright, bold, colors in premium leather albums, to coffee table books, calendars, digital proof books, and more!

Oh, and the reading part...yes, I am making myself sit still long enough to read this book!

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