February 07, 2008

{02.07.2008} Lacey makes my hair ROCK!

I LOVE promoting businesses that I love, but it's even better when you can promote a girlfriend!

Met Lacey through a friend about five years ago. Granted I have strayed (sorry babe!), but I always come back because 1. she tolerates me, or should I say my hair through two kids and 2. because she's incredible with a pair of scissors and a perfectionist with color. How many woman can say they have lost 50% of their hair from one child and curl from another? Yes, that would be me. Still in the process of growing back that hair, I can now say that my love for my hair is back and Lacey (unknowingly) is complemented.

The other thing that I love about Lacey is we educate each other. I'm more of a naturalist when it comes to what I use. Been an Aveda girl since I was 15. Used Arbonne for the last four years. Lacey last fall introduced me to Pureology. When you have hair that is untamable and frizzy you tend to try just about everything out there. I'm now in love with Pureology.

If you don't mind traveling a bit north to Cedar Springs please check Lacey and her product line out. You will not be disappointed. Promise!

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