February 01, 2008

{02.01.2008} Grand Rapids International Auto Show

And this is how we feel about our co-workers?lol These guys at 104.5 humored my kids (unknowingly) through the entire show. They gave the kids a couple of lovely little noise makers that are now the new priceless toys in our home. I may just be hearing them in my sleep tonight. Thanks guys!
This years auto show was pretty good. They had all of my favorite vehicles on display, the only challenge I had was a couple of blah colors. My Audi TT was silver, no red guys? The jeep below would be my perfect beach cruiser. Any idea how much fun this girl could have on the dunes with this baby?
The shifter above was from the car Nyla labeled as "mine." The guys told her she could take it for a test drive....yeah, she's three. Silly men.
And the $100,000 room. Yeah, I drooled a little bit.
A reflection of my husband and Nyla leaving Tyler and I. Apparently, they thought it was time to go. Just one more time on the escalator! Please!!!!

Kim, I look forward to hearing from you!

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Claire said...

If you take that to the beach, I want to come with!