February 27, 2008

{02.27.2008} Water vs. Lattes

A couple weeks ago I started drinking 15-20oz of water before allowing myself to even turn the coffeemaker on. My routine was to take care of the kids, make coffee, check email, and then move on to all the other things two kids and a normal day involves. The first few days I felt like I was punishing myself by not having a latte right away, it's since gotten better. I wake up now wanting water first and feeling great about it. The first latte is now made around 10am...not bad for being up at least three hours prior.

Attempting to make a healthier change and not certain how to do it since my habits are decent to begin with, adding 40oz of water to my day is my start.


Anonymous said...

Believe it or not I made it through law school plus the bar exam caffeine- free! I'm certainly not suggesting that (kids are WAY harder than the bar exam) but I do know what water does for a body and good for you!

Anonymous said...

oh by the way it's me, Meredith... blogger isn't letting me sign in. grrrrr

Claire said...

Oh yeah right Mer, you just wanted to be all mysterious and crap. LOL! :smooch:

And Leda, again, love this.