March 06, 2008

{03.06.2008} Best Friends

I love watching the interaction between preschoolers. Their energy is amazing and girls are so different than boys. Boys tend to run (yes, RUN) as teams. Girls are different. They are more in-tune to the girls they have commons with. Nyla and Emerson (I love Emerson) have had a connection since day one. They will make a great team in 14 years when Nyla is contemplating a bad or more fun choice (the eyes don't lie), and Emerson (hopefully) keeps her out of trouble.


Meredith said...

Adorable! I am, however, laughing that you think it's going to be that far in the future when Nyla will need someone to keep her out of trouble! Love her wavy hair.

Leda Vander Laan said...

The lock on her bedroom door will expire and open at age 17. Till then she won't be any trouble...yeah, one can only