March 28, 2008

{03.28.2008} Operation C.H.A.O.S.

This evening Solon Township held a fun ice rescue training...saving each other. It made for some great moments and a lot of laughter. The picture above was my last picture taken. I never said they were normal!

Does my face look fat? "Dude, get your chin inside the suit."After hacking away at the ice with an ax, my husband jumps in.If this ever happens to you, relax and allow the professionals to pull you to shore. Easily said right?lolCaptain relaxing. "Feels like a hot tub." Yeah, they are not normal, but this lake would rock a wedding dress! Anyone interested? Rich and Terry scaling out on the ice. This is what you would see in a rescue situation.
Rich being dragged to shore.

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Claire said...

I'm SO FREAKIN jealous! MFD would never allow me to come along. :sigh:

Great images!