April 26, 2008

{04.26.2008} Congratulations Ethan & Ashley!

The forecast called for wind the last few days, not that it was going to be sunny, cloudy, rainy...just wind...they were not joking!

Ethan and Ashley were married today at Mars Hill in Grandville. There were so many brilliant touches that went into this wedding. My favorite was that Ethan's brother made their wedding bands! They were gorgeous!

Haven't I seen these shoes before? Old, New, Borrowed, Blue!
Mrs. Nickerson...Ashley, does that not sound crazy?
Miss, nope, Mrs.
The Lovely's
Meet Mr. & Mrs.
Sometimes I get caught. Today my lovely assistant was my girlfriend Sarah.CAUGHT!
simple. fabulous.
The beauty that girlfriends are FOREVER.*giggles*
Girl Friends are FOREVER.
Thank you for making me a part of your day! Hope the rest of your evening was fabulous!

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