April 30, 2008

{04.30.2008} Welcoming Baby Fisk

Rule #1: always ask for forgiveness.

Looking at this first image the lyrics "first comes love, then comes marriage..." comes to mind, then I want to scream "YIKES! RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK!" There are a lot of men that seem to be made of the same mold...guess this is why I find so much humor in this image. I recognize that same look. Scary huh? *giggles*

Dena and I have been friends for years. I love her. She is a natural beauty to begin with but pregnancy has made her absolutely stunning. She will make an amazing mom...Gabe on the other hand (j/k!), an amazing dad. Dena has her work cut out for her! They are not finding out what the sex is...the anticipation is killing me! Only a few more weeks!

I still think it's a boy!

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