May 03, 2008

{05.03.2008} Congratulations Barry & Samantha!

Barry and Samantha said their "i do's" today at Kilpatrick United Brethren Church in Woodland, MI with their tented reception immediately following. Yes, I did say tent! The rain and the cold front came in after the warm teaser of an afternoon and made for a wet, chilly evening. That did not stop the festivities however! Their family and friends are simply amazing...other than a few extra layers, you never would have known with all the smiles!

Mark 10:9
These two are so adorable. Sam is such a doll, and Barry I'm certain will not mind his dating game grand prize of working at Green long as he can be with his beautiful bride! Who needs Amway Grand pampering anyway? *giggles* Have a wonderful time in the mountains of Virginia!

Happy Anniversary needs to also go out to Mr. and Mrs. Miller! (Samantha's parents) They were married twenty-eight years ago today. Same date, same location, same Pastor! This was an overwhelming day of emotions for everyone. And now have back-up to remembering the first happiest day of your life!

Oh yeah, and I can not forget to mention the last overheard words between this happy couple before Justin and I took our exit...

Barry (to Samantha) : "What is your mother doing?!"(points to woman dancing crazily on the dance floor)
Sam: *looks puzzled*
Barry : "She's bringing sexy back!"


Claire said...

What an awesome anniversary/wedding date to share! How sweet!

My fave of this set is the one in front of the church doors - too cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Barry is sitting down in front of the church. he needs to set the tone for the rest of their life.

Kathy said...

lol! My huband thinks Im an idiot. I laughed so hard at that "she's bringing sexy back", that I cried. :)