May 06, 2008

{05.06.2008} finding the perfect dandelion

I took the day off today to be with my kids. The morning was spent on the annual spring preschool field trip to Kent Theater in Cedar Springs to watch a Winne the Pooh movie, painting with kool-aid after lunch, then outside to hunt for the perfect dandelion, and pick as many as we could find to make the perfect bouquet.


Claire said...

Making good use of that new lens huh? Great shots! First and third are my faves.

Shawn said...

Your photos are gorgeous Leda and I love that you're doing whispers. My sister lost a baby at 20 days and they didn't actually expect it to live more than a few minutes or an hour at most but 4 years ago they didn't really have that program. I can't imagine not having the hundreds of photos that we have of him. If I ever really learn how to use my camera properly I'd love to get involved. It's such an amazing gift for those parents. Anyway, probably should've left this comment on that post, huh. :)

It was really great to meet you tonight. LOVE the purse you bought. I think I may have to get all my stuff switched over to mine right now. :) Off to add you in flickr. Got sidetracked by your blog. :)