May 08, 2008

{05.08.2008} Blueberry Wine

The REAL part of having kids. You can play your day out in your head exactly the way you see it happening. Kids to school, grocery shopping, home to finish uploading a wedding and unpack, pick kids up, take them to McDonald's for lunch, leave McDonald's...yeah that leave part is where the day becomes theirs. [note: a tantruming child can tripple their body weight during a battle] With that said, neither of my kids wanted to leave. We were there for two hours and fourty-five minutes. I deserve a "Mom of the Year" award just for that! Okay, other moms joined us for the festivities so we talked politics...where we shopped, kindergarten teachers for next year, preschool parties.*giggles* THEN it was time to leave. Tyler wanted to loosen his shoe strings, but I had done it to make his life easier. His shoes then flew across the restaurant. Nyla then chose not to leave by bee-lining it right back into the climbing area screeching at the top of her lungs. Both kids were carried individually over my left shoulder kicking and screaming out to the car. BOTH kids are napping. I'm having this one glass of wine and thinking about what to make for dinner. The life of a mom with a camera.

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