May 10, 2008

{05.10.2008} Congratulations Michael & Kendra!

Today came and went didn't in Kendra? You were absolutely stunning!

Kendra and Michael were hitched today at Northlawn United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids with their reception at McFadden's downtown. Talk about a perfect day!

This couple is simply amazing. Kendra is from Michigan. Michael is from Germany. They met in high school when Kendra was in Germany and they have been together ever since. Talk about a long distance relationship!

The uniqueness of today is that they catered to both traditions. Kendra welcomed her family and friends and Michael, although quite the distance, spent the day with ALL of his close family and friends. It was amazing. The ceremony was Pastored by Kendra's uncle then translated by Michael's aunt.

Every wedding is near and dear to my heart, but this one was personal. Kendra is not only one of my amazing brides this year, but she has also been my assistant since November.

Guests tend to resemble the paparazzi.*giggles*

Can you believe they have only lived in the same country since Christmas 2007? These two are proof that you can make anything work.

After arriving to the reception they thanked their guests in both English and German. Then the traditions from both countries followed in the celebration. I have to say that my favorite German tradition is that Kendra and Michael will be receiving one postcard every week from guests for the first 52 weeks of their marriage. You better believe I grabbed one!

Have a wonderful time this month with all of your "out of country" guests!

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