May 12, 2008

{05.12.2008} Letter "S"

Letter S
The letter of the day is S. USed to begin wordS like "Scratch," endS wordS like "itcheS," and iS contained in the word "poiSon" for poiSon ivy. I am really trying to laugh my way through thiS week and can not wait for the bottle of medS to be gone next week. I'm going to jump for joy when photo ShootS are Scheduled for the city, and wear long pantS whenever parkS and woodS are involve.

If you would like to learn more about this oh-So-wonderful weed you can viSit for more detailS. Did you know that every SeaSon has a different plant? UGH!


Claire said...

S could also stand for szantażować, which is the Polish word for "blackmail." :):):)

Charlene said...

ooohhh poison ivy sucks! I had it last summer :( I picked it up while we were out Geocaching ( I am constantly on the lookout now!

I hope the Seeping SlowS and the itching SubSides really Soon! ;)