June 22, 2008

{06.22.2008} Taking the weekend off!

Yes, we all need time off. And once the wedding planning for 2008 began, I choose this past weekend to be my break for June. The Grand Rapids Flickr group planned their annual picnic for Saturday morning, and the Grand Rapids Camera Club pulled together a biker shoot for Saturday evening with Resurrection Life Church in Rockford. Camera still in hand, smiles on faces, and my kids by my side!
Girls vs. Boys
Captured before the bikes hit the road and to pray for a friend who was in an accident Friday.
Pulling into Townsend Park...

I need, no, I want...
And my favorite capture of the day...Rebecah. Biker chicks ROCK!
Biker Chicks ROCK!
Thanks much RLC! I think I can speak for everyone...we had a blast!


Anonymous said...

Hey you! It's Jess Hazen, you're doing my wedding in October (just in case you were like who in the heck is jess hazen heh) I check your blog every weekend, and love looking at your photo's and it's funny that you did a photo shoot with RLC because that's my church! :) lol hope all is well ill be emailing you soon! :) take care

Amber VanDenBerg said...

Great pics! Sounds like a blast. I'd love to learn more about your services!
~Amber Dawn Wedding Consultants

Claire said...

Love that shot of Tyler!