June 28, 2008

{06.27.2008} Congratulations Greg & Lisa!

And the day started with a BANG!

Just kidding! It was great watching Lisa choose from the "I do" and "I don't" gift from Greg to open pre-ceremony. She of course choose the "I do" gift, but was told she could open the other as well. And how creative to place an antique (disabled!) grenade in the other box.

The day started at the fabulous farm house Lisa grew-up in...although newly remodeled. This house, built in 1936, was amazing. Even though it was updated, it still had the antique feel without the previously updated 1970's style.

Greg remembers meeting Lisa for the first time at age five in Lisa's backyard near one of their many barns. So guess where we started...

Greg and Lisa said their vows at the Sherman Lake YMCA outdoor chapel on Friday evening. Just before their big kiss a storm, that was not on the radar before we left the main building, came in and it poured. Umbrella's went up and anyone stuck in the rain was running for the ivy covered trellis.

Since the rain put a damper on outdoor shots at Sherman Lake, and of course the rain stopped after we were packed up to head to The Fountains for the reception, Justin and I took these fabulous newlyweds over to an abandoned plant across from the hall for a few urban shots. This would be an incredible location to rock out a trash the dress session.

Ask Greg...I know how to make a man smile. *giggles*

I am truly honored to be a part of your day. Thank you! Have an amazing time in Cabo San Lucas!


Claire said...

Love the pic of her - stunning! And the picture of them together by the barn...perfect!

Marissa said...

Great pictures again!! What a small world...We know Greg from Ferris as well. Jon and him were RA's together!

Kathy said...

I really enjoy your work. I just stumbled across your blog from Pearls Events. I love the shot of the two of them by the barn. Fabulous.