August 05, 2008

{08.01.2008} Veenstra Family!

Friday morning started the weekend with the kids of the Veenstra girls. We tossed in some family pictures, but the main goal was to capture these gorgeous cousins!

Started the day with my man, Dylan, and his kissy face...I LOVE Dylan's kissy face!
kissy face
Dylan just turned one. Such sweet bitterness. I've seen him every three months for the last year. I have watched him grow from a chubby infant to a little man. He's still sporting the creases, but I only give those about six months. I love chubby babies.

Then Austin and his mom, Lisa, arrived. Austin at the old age of seven is the senior of the group. He's way to sweet to teach his younger cousins any new tricks. Don't those eyes look like trouble?

Then Tommy and Allison arrived with their parents, Lisa and Tom. Tommy is such a doll. When I ask Allison how old she was her reply was "free." I LOVE three!

Don't you just love this flare?

And last but not least...bringing all three girls and their kids together.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of spending the morning with everyone!

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Claire said...

That first picture of Dylan is priceless!

(And yes, I do love the flare!)