August 06, 2008

{08.03.2008} Lance & Jamie

Sunday morning, bright and early, I met up with Lance and Jamie for engagement pictures. Instead of starting at 8am, I'm going to start at 9:45 and work our morning backwards...

I have been waiting to get a couple downtown Benton Harbor for months. Lance has this thing about the front of the old bank (it's amazing!) and I got to play in the street! w00t!

And then of course we need to run, only what I wasn't expecting is Jamie to leap into Lance's arms. LOVE it!

me = kid in candy store

Beach and St. Joe Lights...

Jamie emailed me to ask permission to bring their pup, Hughie, a few days before. Of course! I love big dogs...and Hughie is definitely not petite.

I can't wait for your wedding you two! ONLY NINE more days!!!

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Jessica@Stella Event Design said...

awesome shots in BH, Leda!