August 12, 2008

{08.09.2008} Congratulations James & Chelsea!

Exactly one year ago to the weekend I met with James and Chelsea to talk about their wedding on a Sunday evening. What I didn't realize at the time was how much time I would be spending with them over the next year. *giggles* In September we did their first set of epics the morning the Tri-State Sailing Regatta left the St. Joseph harbor. Then in November they decided that a road trip up to Cedar Springs to see me was a must. w00t! In April I sat down with them for coffee downtown St. Joseph to talk about all of their planning...everything was coming together! I could not wait for August! The end of June I received an invite to their wedding. As many weddings as I have done, I have never once received an invite. How sweet!

(to my future mailing this photographer an invite it becomes your very first wedding capture! and I LOVE it!)

The ceremony was at the First Church of God in St. Joseph with the reception at Santaniello's in Stevensville.

an emotional ceremony.

the exit.

an almost kiss.

an amazing wedding party.

a little wind.

You'll never guess where I was standing!

Incredible eyes.

One of my favorite guaranteed last moments is the kiss after cake.

Chelsea and James, I hope you have an exciting time on your mini-honeymoon! It was an absolute pleasures spending the day with you!

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Claire said...

OOO! Me! Me! I know where you were standing!!! ;)

So yeah, that's one of the best jump shots I've seen. LOVE the bridsmaid and groomsman on the far right - they totally got into it!

Great shots, all of them.