August 19, 2008

{08.16.2008} Congratulations Josh and Kelly!

Saturday was spent at a private residence right on Lake Cadillac. It was a perfect day, spent at the perfect location, with the perfect couple. Josh had contacted me last summer about their wedding...I was, to say the least, impressed. The goal for the day was to keep it as simple and relaxed as possible bringing in their favorite things to share with their family and friends. Kelly's boss and his family hosted the event. There are no words to describe this house. Unbelievable maybe? Everything revolved around comfort from how the whole day played out to the food and entertainment.

Enough rambling...on to the preview!

This is so Josh.

Kelly just before their first meeting. LOOK at those eyes!

The fabulous wedding party.

The ceremony.

Passionate first kiss.

An amazing exit and entrance. That time alone is a must!

And the party that lasted well into the night...

A huge thank you to Josh and Kelly for making us a part of your day! And to everyone that helped to make it happen! Have a wonderful time in Mexico you two!

~the stealth photographers *giggles*

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Claire said...

You were spot on with that dress - they bridesmaids will be amazed!

And speaking of dresses - LOVE the dress shot!