September 28, 2008

yes! : Craig & Kaprice

Sunday morning came bright and to Holland to finally meet Kaprice and Craig! Mmmmmmmmm....carmel marvel from Bigby's. To my delight these two were better at waking me up than that $14 (yes, that's correct. I know I handed that girl a $20. Sorry, still a little bitter.) cup of joe. The laughter was endless!

And to make the morning a little more Belle & Zoe!

The wind off of Lake MI was a little out of control. Added to the laughter!

And into town! Oh, wait, there was that little detour...

Craig's request.

Last shot of the day. Fierce.

I hope you enjoy your preview as much as I enjoyed the morning!
August 2009 will be here very soon!


Claire said...

He looks like Jon Bon Jovi in that last shot!

My favorite is the first - LOVE it!

Anonymous said...


These are great! My favorites are 2, 5, and 8, but they all look good. You're beautiful! Love, Aunt Kathy