October 18, 2008

i do. : John & Elizabeth

Saturday had to have been the most perfect October day possible for John and Elizabeth. The morning started at St. Mary's Church in Spring Lake, followed by pictures in Spring Lake and Grand Haven, and reception at Fruitport Golf Club in Muskegon. It was all very quiet till the ladies arrived, then the tears started flowing, the laughter started, and the days pace picked up a bit!

Grandma entered the room and the tears flowed some more...

On the exit we were off to a park in Spring Lake.

The trip to Temptations in Grand Haven for ice cream was a must. We were also able to then meet up with Elizabeth & Johns pup, Cookie. Cookie always makes an appearance for pictures.

A few more pictures in town...

Seriously John? *giggle*

These two took a couple lessons and brought their own twist to the dance floor. LOVE it!

I can't say as though I have ever seen a reception rock out the dance floor quite like Saturday. What a riot! And for the girls...

John and Elizabeth, Thank you. Your day was as absolutely fabulous. I wish you nothing but the best. Have a wonderful time on your cruise this week!

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Claire said...

That dress picture is A-mazing! Your best yet!

And love both ice cream shots ;)