November 29, 2008

gorgeous Miss months young

Miss Kendall came into the studio this morning with mom and dad in tow. We covered family, Holiday goodness, then played peek-a-boo and SOOOOO big.

Doer or thinker?

Thinker. I'm almost certain she was wondering if I was crazy giving her lights to snack on. Could it be teething as why she wasn't feeling so good?

It was wonderful seeing everyone! Hope you had a great day making cookies with grandma!


shey said...

oh that first picture is too much!

Michele Drumm Photography said...

omg - how sweet is she????

So what color are your studio walls? i am loving that blue.....

LVL Photography : Leda said...


Would you believe me if I told you it was called "something blue"?

Go looked up'll find that first image.