February 09, 2009

baby | Miss Kendall Rae

Miss Kendall came back into the studio on Saturday afternoon for nine month pictures! It was so great to see how much she's grown and how she is still one of the best natured babies I have ever been around...but hey, she's my girlfriend Dena's little one too...so I should have known Dena would have the perfect little girl. The image above is the exact stage. Kendall is wanting to move so badly, but is stuck. I :heart: stuck!

Standing with assistance.

And Kendall is "SOOOOOOOO BIG!"

Pink. Pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink...
(btw...new studio. New fun. Will update in the next week!)

Thanks for coming to play and bringing your mom along! I miss you two terribly!


Anonymous said...

Leda, thus far I love them!!! Thanks so much for taking such great pictures! - Dena

Anonymous said...

Leda -
You take such wonderful pictures of my grand baby.

I love the pictures !!
Grandma Mol