February 23, 2009

studio | my something old, new, and blue

I NEED CHANGE. Must be the weather. *giggle* And since I'm struggling with a new and improved blog (launch hopefully SOON) I decided to pull a 180 here. Everything looks better against black! So I guess you're wondering what my "something's" are....

Since the flooding after Christmas we've (we=my husband) been hard at work remodeling/improving my studio space! Fabulous!!!

Above images you will find 100 year old barn wood, basic backdrops, and red. LOVE. Below is my "something blue" wall. Every girl needs something blue!

For those of you who have been with me for quite some time will notice the upgrades of drywall, flooring, and a more versitile area. What more could a girl ask for?!! What you can not feel here is heat. Yes, HEAT is an upgrade! *giggle* The entire basement will be finished by the end of March allowing for heat to flow freely through our entire house 24/7.

The borrowed part...bright eyes and fabulous smiles! Contact for availability!


Michele Drumm Photography said...

love IT. I really need to come visit .... the wood looks great! Is the green bench the one you got from TJM? love that too.

curious...What lights do you use?

lindsay therber said...

it's beautiful leda!!! i love, love, love the floors and the red :) oh... and the old barn wood!!!! beautiful!!!!!

LVL Photography : Leda said...

Michele: the bench was my find at Marshalls...like TJM. The lights are a constant florescent that I've had for a few years.

Lindsay: thanks!

Sarah said...

i wanna come over and play. can i, please?

circle one:

yes or no


LVL Photography : Leda said...

As if I would ever tell you no. Would you like a key to my house too?

Sam said...

It looks great! I love to wood.