March 05, 2009

event | solon township grass fire

I follow fire trucks.

I'm biased, I know, but I love Solon Township Fire. On my way home this afternoon (pics later!) the big rig and the grass truck were crossing Algoma...I follow fire trucks. Fires are H.O.T.

You know....I wouldn't turn down a pager...if one just happened to fall into my hands.*giggle*


ReginaWhitePhotography said...

Me too. I haven't quite taken action shots like these of an actual fire! I have done some fire trainging photos. I took detail shots of the trucks here in EGR where I work. I love em' Your photos are HOT! ::Sizzle:: =)

Jessica@Stella Event Design said...

You crazy fire-truck chaser! People are going to think you're trying to snag yourself a fireman! lol

shelana said...

i need the first pic for my desktop! its about time i changed it up with another leda original