December 31, 2007

12.31.2007: Never too late!

My last post for 2007 are the flowers my girlfriend sent me one week ago for my birthday. After talking to her this afternoon I realized that I never took the pictures off my camera! YIKES! So here they are! The most non-Christmas flowers delivered on December 24!
Give me another week and another post might need to be made with them hanging upside down outside dripping with icicles for my Alabama sweets. Thank you Claire!

Today we are not only celebrating the arrival of 2008, but my boy turning the old age of 5!

Happy birthday Tyler! I love you!


Claire said...

Awww yay! Leave it to you to not just snap a pic of the bouquet, lol! I'm glad they did their job - love you!

And Happy Birthday Tyler!

Claire said...

Oh - and I'm going to DEFINITELY need that icicle pic!