January 02, 2008

{01.01.2008} Bringing in the New Year!

To go along with breaking the tree down, packing up Christmas, and getting a break from the birthday madness in our home I've got a few new projects on my list for January 2008. The picture below for a lot of you will look familiar. It's my studio...although, it's never been this bare. Draped in backdrops for over a year now to hide cement walls is going to be no more. The "project" is to get the floor joises and walls painted and floors covered properly. Next winter after all the holiday portraits is going to be when the major change takes place (walls framed, bathroom done, etc)...for now, this is an improvement. You'll see the final project when completed!
As you can see from the column on the left I'm also working to revamp this blog and website. So don't be surprised when you stop by that both have taken on a new appearance!

Also for 2008 I have partnered up with fellow photographers from the Grand Rapids Camera Club to take on a 365 day challenge (or 366 for 2008!). I'll be blogging my images each day for all to see to go along with blogging client images. The image above is called "A happy wife is a happy life." My husband taking time away from football to spray black paint over his head making changes to my studio...now that is love.

Happy New Year everyone!



Claire said...

Awww, gotta love that Brian!

Alaine said...

I never even thought about a studio in your own basement! It seems you've found the perfect husband Leda :) Firefighter, skipping football to paint...what more could a girl want???
I'm really excited about the 365 project! WOOOHOOOO