January 07, 2008

{01.07.2008} Rain + Kids = Rivertown

The picture above is my 7/366 for the day. This is my husbands kid. Shot with a 50mm and very much true to size...what a mess.
And because Nyla's pigtails are too cute. She's a mess too.
We don't get down to Rivertown to often, but today we headed down to Byron Center to visit my favorite jewelry store, Haan's and do a little shopping. Playing in the tree house is fun, unless it's closed due to broken ropes. If we head down there again Tyler wants to bring paper so we can fly airplanes into the fort...you know, "just in case it's closed again." I love the way a five year old boys mind works.
To make up for the tree house we decided to ride the carousel. This is the closest Nyla got to a smile. She was concentrating on how fun the ride was and ignoring me, and probably tuning out the screaming girl behind us. I always thought photographers kids were trained to smile the minute the cap came off the lens. Not this child!lol

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