January 09, 2008

{01.08.2008} Haan Jewelers

These first two images really should be flipped, but I think if my husband saw his mug at the top of my blog I'd need to refer to the third image.lol

IMAGE ONE: The ring. Purchased at Haan Jewelers in Byron Center seven years ago. The only thing I knew is that I loved princess cut diamonds and was looking for something completely unique. Haan is one of the few jewelers to carry "tension set" rings in this area. The main reason I fell in love with this setting is that it needs to function as one, exactly that of marriage. Hank and Colleen are incredible. I get down there to see them once a year and they never cease to amaze me. Their service is by far the best. After loosing a diamond in my wedding band Christmas 2006 the "other" jeweler challenged helping me because I failed to make it in for my six month check. Haan came through and asked if they could continue to service both rings. How could I say no? I love them.

Haan Jewlers is a hidden treasure. Stop in to see them. You won't be disappointed. Promise.
IMAGE TWO: The man. And yes, he always looks at me as if he's questioning everything I do...and why shouldn't he? I LOVE keeping him on his toes!
IMAGE THREE: The questions I ask my kids every day. Found them on a poster tonight and thought, yep...family is one ever rotating circle of fun.


Anonymous said...

Leda - Good job on the blog redesign. The bit about Brian's "questioning look" made me laugh out loud. I have a similar experience - must be a family trait. - mvl :)

aletha @ pearls events said...

That ring shot is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

you are amazing - that's why I want to come visit.

beautiful pics as always