January 28, 2008

{01.28.2008} Kindergarten here we come!

As a first time parent bringing your newborn baby to the doctor for the very first time is hard. It's great because it gets you out of the house since you haven't been anywhere in days, but when the nurses walk into the room with shots all you can do is cry. Cry because your baby is going to feel discomfort for the first time...and seriously, no one wants to get a shot. You then wish that you could take the shot for your baby, so you could deal with the pain, discomfort, fever, and soreness. It gets easier with every visit, trust me. By the time that two year check-up comes around you only tear up as you're holding your little one and cry with them as the shots are administered.
Kindergarten here we come!

We had two appointments today. One was for Nyla, she turned three in November, she was due. The other for Tyler since he turned the big FIVE in December. Both kids hid from their appointment under the table. Nyla had her hands over her eyes so you couldn't see her....yeah, that always works for me.

Tyler was so scared about shots, but I couldn't tell him if he would be getting them today or not. You can only hope for the best right? He was scared and kept telling me that he was "not tough as nails." They did the eye and hearing exams...flew through them with flying colors and celebrated. We went back to the room to wait for the shots. Two nurses came in, one laid down a PILE of shots. I asked how many Nyla was getting today. None. All five of them were for Tyler. I could only stare at the pile. Tyler went into hiding. I pulled him out, sat him in front of me, wrapped my legs around his waist, and grabbed his wrists. My 40lb five year old is stronger than me. When kids are upset I'm convinced they triple their weight in strength. We could not get him under control. Doc then came in to assist me since Tyler was now slamming his body back and I was hitting the wall. I cried for him. I cried for me. I cried on the way home. I can not tell you how much harder it was today than it was that very first visit.

We are now ready for kindergarten in the fall. I'll cry then too.

The humor today was Nyla pitching a fit as we were leaving their appointment because she wanted shots so she could go to kindergarten. Nyla is "tough as nails."

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