January 29, 2008

{01.29.2008} Longing for Summer

This afternoon I went outside to find one of the bunny holes on the back side of our house. I've seen momma's tracks for weeks, just figured I'd wait to go check it out...and of course I didn't find anything. I then took a look at all of the landscaping I put in last spring. The picture above is of the zebra grass that mid summer reaches eight foot high. It will make a nice fence for our deck this year, once done. I also found that my precious lilac bush under our dining room window is now half the size it was just last week. The only thing I can figure is the deer are coming right up to our house. It's now shorter and much slimmer and the branches look horrid. Oh well, at least I know Bambi is eating.

Today, in all it's gloom, was good. Tyler was in much better spirits and even decided tonight to continue on with Tae Kwon Do for the next session. Ordered him up a uniform. I'm seeing more photo opportunities!

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